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Fido's fantasy by SpikeSpigal96797 Fido's fantasy :iconspikespigal96797:SpikeSpigal96797 0 1 Flower girl by SpikeSpigal96797 Flower girl :iconspikespigal96797:SpikeSpigal96797 1 2
Chapter 7 : The Big Bad Wolf
Howdy again guys and gals.  Time now for the eight chapter of the main story line. I hope your all ready for this exciting chapter...
"Psst. It's only chapter seven boss," an assistant points out.
It is?  Well, in that case, it's time for chapter seven then. Hope you all enjoy the lastest adventure of Edward, Cassandra, and Alphonse.
Edward and Alphonse stand at the door, their mouths gaped open in amazement to you they see standing before them.  "What are you doing here?" they all say in unison.  They stand at the door for a moment until an unknown voice tells them both to come inside and have a cookie.
"Come in boys," Roberto insists, "you must be the friends Cassandra was talking about."  He sits down and sips his glass of milk and ask if they wouldn't mind staying alittle longer.  He glances over at Cassy and smiles, "So this is the Eddie you've been talking so much about.  He is a cutie."  He winks at
:iconspikespigal96797:SpikeSpigal96797 0 0
Chapter Six : Lost and Found
Time for yet another "exciting" adventure of Edward and his friends.  As you may recall, Edward and Cassandra have met up with an old friend from the castle of the evil cat monster and were about to head out on their first journey together as a group.  They stayed one night in an abandoned cabin and they are ready to face a new day. However, are they truely ready to see the world?  Stay tuned to see what will happens to the trio in this chapter of the series.
"Hey Ed, my paws are killing me.  Can't we rest for a bit?"  Al complains.  "We have been walking for hours, and it's been awhile since we had a bite to eat."
"Well, I'm alittle tired too," Ed adds, "how about you Cassy?  Are you feeling okay?"  He pauses and glances back at the two cats, but he sees only one.  "Al you idiot!  Where is Cassandra?  You were supposed to be watching her back there," he panics.
"She was right
:iconspikespigal96797:SpikeSpigal96797 0 0
Special Chapter pt. 2
Hey kiddies, it's time for another chapter of the story.  This is a continuatoin of the special chapter that was titled "Eddie-yasha Awakens."  As you may recall our heroine as just met the legendary dog demon Edward and has convinced him to join her on her quest to stop the evil Neko-Mao.  We last left our two heros at the entrance of an empty village at the foot of the mountain.  What mysteries await them here, stay tuned to find out.
"This place looks like a ghost town," Edward points out, "where the heck is everyone?"
They walk into the abandoned village and look around for any signs of it's inhabitance.  They walk along the streets and walkways calling out to see if anyone is still there, but they get no answer.  They continue to look around and notice smoke coming from one of the houses and rush over to it.  Edward knocks on the door and a man barges out swinging a huge mallet.
"You'll never take my daughter yo
:iconspikespigal96797:SpikeSpigal96797 0 0
Special Chapter pt. 1
Howdy again boys and girls.  I've got a special treat for you all today, it's a side-story.  In a parallel world, at a differant time and place, our heroine finds herself on a special quest to the west.  This is a parody of sorts, see if you can geuss what stories I'm using as the basic idea and maybe you'll win a prize... Maybe.
It's a nice and peaceful day at the moutain temple where our little heroine is training and leaning the ways of the monk.  The birds are singing and the monks are busy doing their chores and daily exercises.  However, there seems to be some sort of commotion coming from the fornt gate. In staggers a half dead warrior through the gates.
"He has awakened!  The evil lord has been disturbed from his 1,000 year slumber," the paniced warrior explains.  "Quickly monks, you must run for your lives while you still can," he warns on his them with his last breath.  He falls foward, revealing
:iconspikespigal96797:SpikeSpigal96797 0 0
ChapterFive:The Journey Begins
Tis time for a new chapter of... Of, um... Geez, I forgot to give this series a tilte.  *shrugs* Oh well, time for another chapter of my story.  What adventures await the duo in this new chapter? What new allies will our heros encounter? Will Edward ever meet normal and sane people on his quest? Stay tuned to find out.  
"Hey princess, do you have any idea of where your going?" grumbles Edward as he reluctantly follow behind her.  "I mean this is the first time out of the castle.  Shouldn't I be the one leading you around?" he complains.  "What's more, I don't even know your name yet."
"Stop complaining, you know you love staring at my cute little bottom," she giggles.  "Daddy says you have to protect me and what better way to do that than to watch my back," adds the bossy little cat.  "Oh, and to answer your last question, my name is Cassandra."
A the two make there way out of the forrest, they are unware
:iconspikespigal96797:SpikeSpigal96797 0 0
Chapter Four : The Rescue
Yay, the moment you've all been waiting for, the final battle between our hero and the evil cat demon.  We last left our hero at the front gate to the lair of the beast, along with his fancey sword and new found abilities.  Will he be able to rescue that little cat in time?  Will he be able to defeat the evil cat monster?  Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to this story arc.
The hero slowly pushes the the door open and enters the castle of the evil cat.  His heart pounds as he takes his first steps into the castle and looks around.  "This place is like some sort of maze, how the heck am going to find her in a place like this?" he thinks to himself.  He dashes into the unknown, unaware of the dangers that await him ahead.  Suddenly he hears a faint sound coming from behind him, a rumbling sound.  The ground begins to tremble and dust begins to fall from the cieling.  "This can't be g
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Chapter Three - I Can Talk
Hello again boys and girls, now's the time for the conclusion of our last story.  As you may or may not remember we last left our hero at the entrance to a dark and spooky forest where his newest friend has been carried away by a monstrous cat.  Will he save her and win the day?  Stay tuned to find out the rest of the story in this chapter of "Eddie the Wonder Dog." We shall start where we last left off, the pup stands before the entrance of dark forest and is about to embark on an adventure that will change his life.
Our brave pup stands at the entrance of the evil forest.  He hesitates for a moment before slowly approaching.  Just as he's about to take his first steps into the forest he's stopped by an invisible wall.  "None may enter the forest of the cat demons," a voice says from out of nowhere.  He looks around, but sees nothing but the trees surrounding him.  He begins to bark angrily as the voice co
:iconspikespigal96797:SpikeSpigal96797 0 0
Chapter Two: A New Friend
Hey kiddies, it's your old pal JRYC again here to bring you another some what exciting chapter of "Eddie the wonder dog."  Well, not really a new chapter, more like part two of the same.  He's still a little puppy in this one too.  As you may remember from our last adventure our hero found and saved his sister from a huge spider.  What will happen this time, stay tuned to find out.
"What is this, a documentary show now?!? *sigh* Atleast it's better than his singing," shouts that same annoying guy in the audience.
Tis another day for our little hero, the sun is shinning, the birds are chirpping, and all is right with the world...  For now at least.  "Yelp!!!"  What's this a cry for help?  Someone in danger perhaps?  Nope, it's our little friend being picked on by his bigger siblings.  You'ed think they'ed let up and be nicer to him after that heroic rescue afew months ago, but they don't.
:iconspikespigal96797:SpikeSpigal96797 0 1
Chapter One 'Puppy Days'
It's a story, of a lovely lady.  Who was bringing up three very lovely girls.  All of them had hair of gold, like their mother, the youngest one in curls....
"Oh hell no!!! I know you ain't gonna sing the Brady Bunch theme" shouts a voice in the audience.
Heh heh. I kid, I kid.  This is a story about a silly lil dog, a german shepard to be exact.  He's not really that brave, but always find the inner courage to stand up for what he believes in and protect and help those in need.  For some reason he feels the need to stand up for the little guys, to help people.  It's his dream to one day become a police dog and help the people.  It all started when he was but a pup, he was the runt of the litter but was always looking out for his brothers and sister. As the story goes, he was chasing his tail when one of his brothers ran past him in abit of a panic.  He ran along side his brother, trying to keep his pace an
:iconspikespigal96797:SpikeSpigal96797 0 2
b-days are scarey
People start to gather and praise a single man as their leader, almost in a god like fashion. It seems like there presenting offerings to this person. small and large objects in boxes and brightly colored paper. What could this mean? What does the one man have that no other odinary mortal does? I must take a closer look. I must find out about this, even if it cost me my very life. For I am a reporter dang it.
Moving ever so closer, our hero can see the lust in the chanters eyes. They're starting to chant some sort of strange song.  I don't really understand the tounge they're speaking in. What could it mean, what could they be saying? Wait, they stoped... They're now bringing out a small animal. But for what reason, and why? Oh my god, it's a sacrifice. They're hanging it up from a tall tree limb, almost in bondage. OMG!!! They're swinging at it, trying to hit it with a stick. The sight is too sickening to decribe.
The horror, oh the horror. Now they starting to feast on the
:iconspikespigal96797:SpikeSpigal96797 2 3


Me xD by FlamingFelineEmpress Me xD :iconflamingfelineempress:FlamingFelineEmpress 3 36 Me as the Demon Princess by FlamingFelineEmpress Me as the Demon Princess :iconflamingfelineempress:FlamingFelineEmpress 3 63 Me With My Dog by FlamingFelineEmpress Me With My Dog :iconflamingfelineempress:FlamingFelineEmpress 1 31 Feena - for Amythestviolet by NeoSlashott Feena - for Amythestviolet :iconneoslashott:NeoSlashott 152 71 Tear Drop Dragon by SuperSugarCat Tear Drop Dragon :iconsupersugarcat:SuperSugarCat 2 1 Look at that pretty moth . by Cerishi Look at that pretty moth . :iconcerishi:Cerishi 3 7 FFT : summoner by akai-sakuranbo FFT : summoner :iconakai-sakuranbo:akai-sakuranbo 32 13 G-Seed : Athrun by akai-sakuranbo G-Seed : Athrun :iconakai-sakuranbo:akai-sakuranbo 727 302 TECHCATL Designs by dan-heron TECHCATL Designs :icondan-heron:dan-heron 626 337 :love bump: by darkmoon3636 :love bump: :icondarkmoon3636:darkmoon3636 1,122 255 Tummehshot by Parororo Tummehshot :iconparororo:Parororo 1,809 461 :0 tipical group shot weo by Parororo :0 tipical group shot weo :iconparororo:Parororo 656 196 omg GASPo cute art by Parororo omg GASPo cute art :iconparororo:Parororo 2,900 581 The Rowdy Ruff Boys by wazabees The Rowdy Ruff Boys :iconwazabees:wazabees 1,610 611



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um... yeah ^_^; finally got around to buying one too, so i might just do some pics and other things.  or take some piccies of some of my bigger works that don't fit in the scanner ;)


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